• Recessive

    Shay is conflicted about whether to have a child with her wife, Norah. She struggles with her desire to be genetically connected to her own child, and with the knowledge that she may carry the marker for a serious genetic disorder. As Shay and Norah head off to the family home for the funeral of Shay’s aunt, they must grapple with the nature of family, legacy, and parenthood. Recessive weaves experimental and personal documentary elements artfully into subtle acting to create a very modern, deeply emotional, narrative film.

  • Prep Room

    As a ritual for understanding the fifteen deaths he has suffered in his life, a young man arranges to undergo the experience of what happens behind the doors of the embalming room.

  • Tonya & Nancy

    Tonya & Nancy was produced as a part of the Neo-­‐Futurists’ annual summer film festival of the best/worst films ever made. The reading is intercut with projection design that showcases my personal relationship with the material – when I was 15, I was desperately in love with Nancy Kerrigan. And not yet certain of my sexuality…