OPERATOR selected as one of 7 “hidden gems” at SXSW by Indiewire

Thrilled/surprised/grateful to have been selected by Indiewire as one of 7 hidden gems at this years SXSW film festival! I’m psyched to see these other 6 films as well – it’s gonna be a great festival.

Indiewire OPERATOR

OPERATOR will premiere at the SXSW film festival!

We are incredibly thrilled to announce that OPERATOR will have its world premiere at the 2016 SXSW film festival!

SXSW Announcement


OPERATOR at the 2014 Sloan Film Summit

This weekend OPERATOR will participate in the 2014 Sloan Film Summit, which celebrates science and technology themed films. We’re lucky to be a part of their reading series, where an excerpt of the film will be performed. Check out their website for all the films and scientists participating!


OPERATOR Participates in New Cinema Network, Rome

We were very fortunate to be selected as part of the New Cinema Network for the 2014 Rome International Film Festival. In addition to meeting dozens of incredible producers and financiers from around Europe, my Co-Writer Sharon and our producer Felipe and I got to tour around the gorgeous city of Rome. Not a bad thing to call your job. Thank you to the wonderful organizers of the festival for taking such great care of us!



Panorama Rome from Bernini Roof

Forest Whitaker’s JuntoBox Films selects OPERATOR for inaugural incubator

We are so honored to be a part of this incredible new fellowship and to be supported by the wonderful artists and filmmakers of the JuntoBox family!

Check out the IndieWire article below for more info on this brilliant new program –

Fusion Lap Dance released on Funny or Die

My lovely (all the time) wife and (sometimes) co-writer and I unleashed some absurdity onto the world via this Funny or Die video. It started as one of those random jokes you have in bed in the morning and got all the way to produced short with the help of Nonetheless Productions and my awesome producer and friend Gorav Kalyan.

Check him out acting alongside the ever hilarious Charlie Saxton in the link below, and vote us funny if you like it!


OPERATOR wins Sloan Fast Track grant at LAFF

Last week my producer Felipe Dieppa and I got to take part in Fast Track, a film financing market at the Los Angeles Film Festival to pitch OPERATOR to almost 60 industry executives. We had a terrific time, got very positive responses to the project, AND Film Independent selected us for the Sloan Fast Track production grant!

Doron Weber from the Sloan Foundation had this wonderful thing to say about OPERATOR – “We are delighted to partner with Film Independent for the seventh year and to make the 2014 Sloan Fast Track award to Logan Kibens’ Operator, a smart, contemporary comedy about a programmer who learns, at the risk of losing his wife, that technology must serve humanity,”.

Check out the FIND press release HERE

The Variety article HERE

And the Hollywood Reporter article HERE

Actor’s EChat interview – HARMONY

Somehow my HARMONY collaborator and friend Dawn Davis convinced me to speak live on camera – proving once again that she can get me to agree to almost anything outside of my comfort zone. You can check out the interview here, where I dig deep into my psyche to discuss such things as the relationship between my budding teenage sexuality and my obsession with Nancy Kerrigan.

Great review of HARMONY on Agnes Films

HARMONY is complete! It was a fun quick post-production process with producer and star Dawn Davis and the rest of our collaborators. We’re gearing up for a cast and crew screening later this month, and into a festival run. Dawn sent a screener out to Agnes Films for an early review – a website named in honor of one of the great living filmmakers, Agnes Varda – and you can read their very kind words and review here. There aren’t really any spoilers, just some of the most effusive writing on a performance by a cat that I’ve ever read.

HARMONY production wrapped

This past weekend I directed a short supernatural thriller, HARMONY starring the very talented Dawn Davis and Chris Kerson. Dawn’s a terrific actress and producer who is also way better at self-promotion than I am, as exhibited by this great blog she put together about the project:


Check back for more behind the scenes photos and updates as we move through editing and screenings!